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HBC employs proven practice management strategies to ensure that your Radiology group gets its fair share of managed care reimbursement dollars.

Radiology plays a vital role in the medical, patient and facility community.    For many serious indications, imaging scans have been shown to reduce the number of invasive surgeries, unnecessary hospital admissions and length of hospital stays.

Even though Radiology plays an important role in reducing overall medical costs, hospital-based Radiologists face many administrative challenges to meet their commitment to providing good medicine.  Radiologists are being called on to provide high quality services, work longer hours and take on higher malpractice risk, while experiencing significant and often arbitrary cuts in reimbursement.  Radiologists are also facing the challenges of large hospital system and radiology group consolidation, ACO creations, efficient reimbursement management and strategic planning for the future.

In these times of monumental change and healthcare reform, Radiologists must take the lead in navigating these challenges to successfully manage their business and services.  This leadership includes the ability to answer many questions that are critical to the effective management of a Radiology practice, including:

The only way to know your business operations are being managed properly is through expert management. And this kind of management does not require hiring managers & executives but retaining the right partner to help guide your group to optimize its business operations and maximize income efficiently.

For over 20 years, HBC has provided Radiology groups with the expertise needed to operate their businesses efficiently, allowing our clients to succeed, grow, and realize above-average income levels.  Our full range of business services can help maximize your income while supporting clinical quality metrics.  These services typically cost less than the salary of an office assistant.

We are passionate about helping your Radiology group succeed, grow and maximize your income in today’s healthcare environment.

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